Show Performance Rules & Guidance

Young Performers Showcase Sunday 2nd July 2017

Guidance  &  Registration Form

Following the very successful Showcases in every year since 2012 we will again be running a Young Melodians/Young Performers/Young Bands  event for musicians and performers.  Though there are trophies to be won, non -competitors are welcome to take part. Please indicate on your form.

The programme  will cover a wide range of performance including singing, dancing and instruments, which could include – Brass and other – Guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, accordion etc, though we can’t accommodate Grand pianos! To encourage more young people to take part we are widening participation to include both individuals and small groups – duets, trios, quartets, Bands etc.  Participants can compete for one of the trophies or just perform.

Youngsters in three age groups are invited to perform on their instrument (s) or in a song/dance/performance routine during the afternoon of the show from 10.00 to 3.30 p.m. Each entrant/group  will receive an Adjudicator’s certificate with a Trophy for the best competitor in each age group. There is free entry to the show for all performers including free on site parking. (Entry Passes will be provided on completion of a Registration Form. )

The Age Groups for trophies are Y1-6; Y7-9; and Y10 – 13

(NB Where players don’t fit exactly into these groups the age of the oldest in the group will determine the group they are in for Prize eligibility). There is no entry fee but all players/performers must be registered.


1.  There is a limited number of spaces overall and it may be necessary to  limit different types of performance so that,  for example, Brass does not crowd out Dancing or vice versa. The Co-ordinator reserves the right to determine the programme.  Early registration is therefore advised.

  1.  Musicians  will play an unaccompanied piece on the instrument(s) of their choice; dancers/singers/performers must supply their own Music
  2.  Participants will be given up to 7 minutes for their performance (15 minutes for Bands)
  3.   Participants must supply the adjudicator with a copy of the music they will be playing together with a copy of their registration form.
  4.   If you are bringing recorded Music – we have a licence – it should be on a memory stick
  5.  Winners will be announced and presentations made on Sunday afternoon.
  6.   Registration ahead of the day is strongly advised, though, if there are places available, entries on the day will be accepted.
  7.   All Players/Performers/Groups  will be given a Certificate of Participation and an Adjudicator’s report.
  8.  The Adjudicator’s decision is final.



If you have any queries  e-mail or ring the Musical Showcase Co-ordinator:

Mel Farrar 43,Coverhill Road, Grotton, Oldham OL4 5RE

(Tel: 0161 633 0374) e-mail

 Click Here for the Registration Form

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